The Missing Ingredients in Physician On-Call Strategies:
A Recipe for Success

Recorded on Tuesday, August 26, 2022 

Whether you run a large hospital, trauma center or a small private hospital, chances are you have on-call physicians. Although these physician partnerships are a critical part of a hospital’s operations, on-call arrangements themselves are often inherently complex in structure and regulatory needs. 

In this session, our experts discussed:

  • New research that identifies the struggles hospitals face in paying their doctors and the real-life concerns that “keep them up at night.”
  • Common pitfalls to avoid with on-call payments.
  • Steps to manage commercially reasonable on-call arrangements that improve physician satisfaction.
  • How to leverage automation to improve their on-call strategies.

Our Presenters

Amy Bernadt, MHA
Senior Director of Implementation at Ludi, Inc.

Jessica Webster, CVA
Manager of Healthcare Valuation Services at LBMC