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What are you Gaining from Managing Physician Agreements?

Posted by Pascale Dargis on May 11, 2017 11:15:00 AM

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Finding a ‘foolproof’ process to manage physician agreements can be a greater challenge than anticipated – perhaps so much so that it's often a task that’s put off within the organization. Once you make the decision to better manage physician agreements, there are a number of advantages you can expect to gain throughout the organization. Here’s a 30,000 foot view of changes you will see once you put time and energy into this problem by automating.

Higher reimbursements

If you’re running a GME program within your hospitals, keeping track of the work residents are completing to include in the Medicare Cost Report can seem daunting and almost impossible. If you’re managing the work your physicians are completing through an automated solution, keeping track of all duties worked is easy and accurate reports can be generated, verified and sent to Medicare for the highest possible reimbursement. Don’t leave money on the table.

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Lower expenditures

Reporting functions can give insight into valuable data that’s almost impossible to manage without a strict and rigid process. Imagine being able to compare your service lines side by side and being able to determine where savings can be made. Administrative physician agreements are written to be reworked over time. If you start to recognize that one service line’s spend is too high, evaluating how you can alter your agreements to save in the future is critical.

Saved staff time

Along with reducing your hard costs comes the benefit of making your people happier. Your service line leaders are overwhelmed working with physicians to keep the paperwork in order and have a semblance of a process and deadlines for time logs to be submitted, approved and paid in a timely manner. Imagine they have to work with 65 physicians on a monthly basis, track down the time logs, review agreements to ensure they’re active and approve time logs, create check requests and ensure their physicians are being paid appropriately…every single month. They must want to rip their hair out, but there is a better way. Automate much of this process, your people will be much happier!

Higher quality relationships with physicians

Along similar lines, your physicians want to spend their time working with their patients and keeping them healthy. Giving them the tools to save time in all other aspects of your working relationship will keep them happier.

Data management

Filing cabinets can only get so full before they overwhelm and stop producing value. Paper will never be the right way to manage complex processes – the more you can automate, the better results you will enjoy. Technology can help automate process, but it has other benefits including reporting and audit trails. Never lose track of time logs submitted by your docs, have the ability to view years of data and analyze it to better your organization.

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