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The Complexities of Physician Administrative Contracts

Posted by Michelle Harmon on Jun 8, 2017 10:55:53 AM

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Our hospital clients have let us know that the handling of physician administrative contracts is a “hot potato” within their administrative team. Nobody seems to want to fully own the issues that come along with these complicated contracts; everyone seems to own a piece of physician administrative contracts such as compliance, medical staff offices, hospital administration, legal teams and the finance department.

Physician contracts must be adjudicated monthly, stay in play with the regulatory requirements and attempt not to further creatively torture each hospitals’ important patient care partner aka physicians. That’s a great deal of pressure on a paper vehicle that everyone touches but no one owns within their department. Because of lack of ownership, the pain is spread across many departments which means it’s not recognized or felt as completely and acutely as other issues within a hospital team. This can of worms gets passed along and the noise of the organizational pain is drummed out by other C-Suite crises.

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So, what are the many ways the pain shows up in the hospital world?

  • Maybe it’s an overpayment to a physician and the rework necessary to fix it.
  • Alternatively, it could be lost paperwork so payment cannot be validated.
  • An audit could take place and the necessary trail (paper or otherwise) can’t be found or provided to the auditor.
  • A technical violation could occur. These still carry a lot of weight and have the potential to bring with it major fines to hospitals, executives, and their physician partners.
  • Perhaps a critical physician group relationship is lost, one that administration worked months to finalize and was a valuable co-management strategy for a pain clinic for example.
  • The incorrect accrual of physician administrative payments made that should have been a total spend of $3 million, but went far over budget
  • Or lastly, the inability to track and report physician time for GME documentation on a Medicare Cost Report.

At Ludi, we take those ignored, but super painful operational worm holes off our hospital clients’ plates. Ludi’s team has extensive experience when it comes to managing physician contracts within hospitals. We know the organizational issues across departments well and have created an automated solution around these exact pain points.

Hospital information teams are bogged down with endless requests for support and continuous implementation of new software. We don’t bother our IT friends. Physicians are bogged down with endless training of hard to use software that is not intuitive. Our solution has four buttons and can log the physician’s time on any device with an overall time commitment of about ten minutes, it that. Hospital administrative teams are bogged down with stacks and stacks of paper to manage, creating check requests, and report requests that takes hours and hours of manual labor to load the spreadsheet. Ludi provides a dashboard for one-stop shopping when it comes to reports, tracking of payment, transparency, and a smooth handoff to finance for payment. Anything inputted into the software can be pulled out into a valuable report.

With all the headaches hospital teams endure, physician administrative contracts doesn’t have to be a can of worms your team ignores until there is an ‘event’ that makes you pay attention.

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