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3 Factors That Help Hospitals Save on Physician Payments

Posted by Brian Brock on Oct 5, 2017 11:17:57 AM

To remain competitive and serve their core mission of patient care, hospitals must continually find ways to cut costs and increase revenue.

Opportunities to reduce costs on physician payments for administrative duties are usually overlooked because of legacy operational processes in place. Hospitals contract with physicians to serve as medical directors for strategic service lines, shift work or on-call work, research grants, and teaching programs for graduate medical residents. Most often, savings are readily available with stricter adherence to contracted duties and payment terms through software that automates these processes.

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How Physician Alignment Strategy Can Impact CMS Reimbursement

Posted by Dan Garvy on Sep 19, 2017 2:00:47 PM

Any hospital organization’s physician alignment strategy is a major driver of its mission and clinical agenda. As such, the hospital’s cost to pay physicians for their work represents a significant portion of it’s operating budget. This investment in the physicians’ services and expertise is a cost that directly and indirectly affects the quality of care the hospital delivers to patients, which CMS recognizes by reimbursing hospitals directly and through multiple incentives related to a hospital’s reported physician costs.

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The Surprising Complexity of Physician Payment and Reimbursement

Posted by Lucy Sonnamaker on Sep 6, 2017 10:30:00 AM

Paying a physician for administrative time is easy, right? You write a contract, the doctor turns in a time log, someone signs off on it and a check gets sent out. Easy, right?

In the words of the great Cher Horowitz, “As if!” (Clueless, 1995)

I (among other things) read contracts for a living and figured something out long ago: physician contracts are rarely written by the people who need to administer them. If they were, they’d make sense and be easy to use. Instead, they’re written to be legal, compliant, cost effective and to help with physician alignment. This leads to physician compensation plans that are difficult to administer.

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2 Key Benefits From Physician Software Solutions

Posted by Michelle Harmon on Aug 29, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Most hospitals still rely on paper time logs to manage their physician administrative agreements. Ludi’s hospital clients have realized many benefits from a physician software solution that automates paper time logs and creates benefits for physician users and hospital administrators that oversee physician payments. Physician contract logging software is the solution for assisting physicians when logging their medical directorships, on- call, or co management administrative agreements with their hospital partners.

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How to Streamline Operational Compliance Through Physician Contracts

Posted by Gail Peace on Aug 21, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Health care organizations pay physicians for a variety of duties that are not patient care based, but are more administrative or perhaps task based activities that are for the benefit of the company, not necessarily the physician. These activities are not defined as productive time, meaning the physician cannot bill insurance companies or a patient for this time. It is work being performed on behalf of another organization, not a patient. Over time, health care organizations such as hospitals, device companies, large physician groups, pharmaceutical companies have had to pay physicians a fair hourly rate for all the hours asked of physicians.

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Returns Hospitals Expect from Physician Contract Logging Software

Posted by Gail Peace on Aug 15, 2017 10:00:00 AM

So your organization has a contract management system, meaning your physician contracts are covered right? WRONG.

Contract management systems do a great job of managing the development of new physician contracts, executive approval, and any redline changes that are made on the various versions. Once signed, the contract management system is not the best place to manage the activity on these contracts. The day-to-day management falls to the operational and financial side of the house.

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Common FMV Challenges for Medical Directorship Payments

Posted by Julia Ogburn on Aug 2, 2017 12:00:48 PM

Medical directorships are necessary for the effective management of patient care. However, medical directorship payments can cause headaches for hospital administrators.

Duties are most often outlined in the agreements, however because they are so complex, they become impossible to manage over time. Many agreements include duties that are paid at different rates depending on holiday, weekend or weekday hours. Some duties can be paid quarterly, while others are paid monthly. One agreement with a series of payment amounts and payment timeframes can be detrimental to making accurate payments.

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Losing Sleep Over Your Physician Contracts?

Posted by Pascale Dargis on Jul 12, 2017 10:07:44 AM

We know as a leader in your hospital organization that you’ve got a number of priorities and likely a number of reasons to toss and turn through the night. We also know that physician administrative agreements are an intricate part of your strategy to align with physicians and are probably a much more complicated and time-intensive process to manage than they should be. We've gathered a couple of the reasons that may be keeping you up at night when it comes to your physician contracts and offered solutions so you can finally get some shut eye.

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[VIDEO] Who Owns Physician Administrative Agreements?

Posted by Pascale Dargis on Jul 5, 2017 9:23:18 AM

Physician administrative agreements are such a critical part of hospital strategy. The challenge with these agreements is they live in a variety of departments where each department manages them differently which can be cause for manual process and leave large opportunity for error. With automation comes concrete process across all silos of physician contracts as well as ownership of the problem.

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3 Physician Contracting Errors Hospitals Cannot Afford to Make

Posted by Gail Peace on Jun 28, 2017 9:22:12 AM

The regulatory environment dictates that hospitals who contract with physicians meet specific conditions in order for the contract to be legal. The conditions are meant to ensure the physician payment is not based on volume or value of business because it can lead to overusing services and increasing overall costs of care. Technically violating your own contracts can lead to multi-million dollar settlements.

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