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Losing Sleep Over Your Physician Contracts?

Posted by Pascale Dargis on Jul 12, 2017 10:07:44 AM

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We know as a leader in your hospital organization that you’ve got a number of priorities and likely a number of reasons to toss and turn through the night. We also know that physician administrative agreements are an intricate part of your strategy to align with physicians and are probably a much more complicated and time-intensive process to manage than they should be. We've gathered a couple of the reasons that may be keeping you up at night when it comes to your physician contracts and offered solutions so you can finally get some shut eye.

Costly settlements. Of course, costly settlements are merely a potential risk of having manual processes related to the management of your physician agreements, but it’s certainly one worth avoiding. When you eliminate manual process, you eliminate the potential for human error at a number of junctures within that process. If all the intricacies of an agreement are appropriately outlined within a technology product, there is hardly space for human error. Plus, there is the added benefit of removing work for everyone involved.

Avoid costly settlements with automated physician technology - Watch the video

Incomplete/nonexistent paper trails. Paper is everywhere to be found in the management of physician agreements that aren’t in a technology solution yet. There are so many negatives to using paper in such a critical process, including losing the paper, not confining physicians to writing duties that are outlined in their agreements, paying for duties that aren’t supposed to receive payment, saving paper as an audit trail over extended periods of time and passing the paper from one person to the next to approve and pay from. With automation we’ve seen that most people can completely eliminate the use of paper in this process…maybe not the contract or amendments themselves, but paper time logs, paper check requests, paper handoffs to accounts payable/payroll and paper notices back to the physicians. Not only does that save a lot of trees, but it alleviates headaches for everyone involved from the physician to service line leader, approvers, executive approvers and those making final payments.

Unnecessary manual process. As we’ve already eluded to, the manual process is a hassle, but it can also be a wasteful by way of time for all people involved in the management of these physician administrative agreements. Looking back at the paper process discussed above, there is so much room for each step to take longer than necessary with paper. Ensuring everything is filed appropriately, looking back to check the paper time log matches the paper agreement before approval and payments are made and tracking down the paper before being able to take the next step are all tasks that deter work on something else. When you put all this into an automated solution that eliminates these tasks, you’re not only taking away manual process, but your people are seeing more time throughout their day.

Implementing an automated solution can seem like a daunting task. Sometimes it’s difficult to find an owner to manage implementations or perhaps it’s that it seems impossible to make adjustments to a current process, but likely it’s fear of change. Automation has so many positive outcomes, those listed above are just those we’ve noticed might be causing you to lose sleep related to management of your mission-critical physician contracts.

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